With over 10 years experience providing the best in Dome display technology, we are pleased to present our planetarium and dome display projectors. Offering a choice of features and specifications the ImmersaLux range caters to a variety of applications and budgets. Common to all is the outstanding performance and good value. Whether for entertainment or education, portable or permanent, a projector from the ImmersaLux range will be right for you.

ImmersaLux 500 Series

Our entry level projector features DLP™ technology for an ultra clear picture.
The 500 series delivers precise, razor-sharp and lifelike images from an easily portable, simply set-up, cost effective package.
This system is ideal for planetariums up to 8 meters in diameter.

ImmersaLux 700 Series

Also featuring the proven DLP™ technology, the 700 series from the ImmersaLux range is a much larger projector and ideally suited for permanent display. It benefits from a higher light output and offers a brighter image with higher resolution. This system is designed for planetariums up to 14 meters in diameter. The Dual lamp feature ensure 100% show availability.

ImmersaLux 300 Series

Our ImmersaLux 300 enables the use of our new 4:3 format dome lens providing a unique 1600 x 1200 resolution and a light output of 4000 lumens. This series is ideal in conjunction with our 4: 3 format screens and also to use with front facing planetariums up to 8 meters in diameter to maximise on screen resolution.