ImmersaVu 320

ImmersaVu™ 320 System

Immersive Display presents the latest product in a range of visual display environments, the ImmersaVu™ 320.

Drawing on many years of experience in the field of immersive technologies, Immersive Display Group has integrated dome design expertise with the latest in projection technology, image generation and corrective software to create a complete visual presentation solution.

The ImmersaVu™ 320 is a hard-shell, moulded GRP panadome screen with a versatile aluminium frame to allow for flexibility in the mounting of the display hardware above the viewing area.

The rigid 300 cm panadome screen combined with the HD projector and supplied geometry correction and warping software makes the ImmersaVu 320 the ideal solution for large scale, high resolution visual display.

The simplicity of a single projector eliminates the need for edge blending and colour matching and the ImmersaVu 320 is virtually maintenance free.

The 3.2 meter wide display gives a 180° plus field of view and is ideal for use by up to 5 users at any one time in a museum display, information kiosk, simulation or training environment.

180° wide field of view
320cm diameter
Network compatible
Single projector