Stunning immersive displays bring High Definition content to life.

We use a range of projectors from standard HD to 8K display adding depth and pixel perfect detail to a range of media in an immersive dome.

Historic houses and palaces.

A custom immersion dome allows large groups or individuals to walk through history taking in the surrounds in perfect detail. A dome can be fitted with HD audio speakers giving the audience a sense of time and space along with accompanying information.

Buildings and Property

Walk your audience through homes, hotels and any other location that requires interaction with the content.
Showcase new developments, visit sites for training purposes or showcase a concept in a fully immersive dome environment. .


Bring the action to your audience. First person perspective is showcased in it’s best possible light in an immersive dome. Stand surrounded by ultra HD content streaming live or pre recorded.
Plug and Play with the easy to use and deployable ImmersaVu..